Battle way Alll Must read.

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Battle way Alll Must read.

Post  Joe on Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:04 pm

Okay this is an Example of the battle system.

There are 3 phases in battle.

Step 1:Starting Phase
Example:Chan Lee Vs Shun.

Chan lee sat in Runo Cafe Wating for her drink to get ready.Her temper was almost as hot as her element .Chan's eyes looked acrossed the filed of tiny restarant.Her anger grew more and more intill it turned into a blush.She jumped with great power.She landed on the table as her quiet ,cool,calm power dissapered like the sun in the night.The quiet atmosphere disssapered along with it.''Where is my freaking tea i've been wating for about 15 minutes.This is is not good customer servicse,''She yelled.Her power great so great that other in the small area moved to a conner.A blue haired gril came out of the back path of the store.''Whats the matter with you''She responed.Her temper matched Chans but she didn't give up.
Suddnely Shun appeared from behind Chan.''I just want my tea.''She yelled again.''Well excuse me were trying to decide on who get this last cup.Consindering we only have enough for one person.''Chan looked at her.She tooked out her Bakugan .''Then I challenge them''She yelled.
Another PLAYER As
''Well lets go then''Shun yelled from the otherside of the room.He tooked his card out and yelled,''Field Open.''Chan Lee did the same without a worrie.The world begun to stop in slow motion everyone or everything that was going to happen didn't.After a small bend of the flow of earth thay were in a new world.''Ladies frist.''Shun yelled across the small landed filed.His hand were in position as he carefully tought of his moves.He then studied Chan Lee.She looks as if she's done some ninja traning of her own.He tought.This would be intresting.

Phase 2
This is the basic battle mode like

Gate Card set!Pyrus Fortrees stand 350GS.
and so on,
End Phase:This is the last Phase an end role play like the begining explain who Won or who lost.

Btw you do not need to brawl on each topic you can be meeting someone or anything as long as you follow the rules and use rpg like Phase 1.And when your in battle phase you can add as many Phase One as long as it leads to battle if you want one.

***Also, each time you set a gate, make a template for what the field looks like***
Example: [y][m]
M=Me, you put this for all of your gate cards.
Y=You, you put this for all of your opponent's gate cards.

***When Bakugan are on the cards.***

***Represent each Bakugan on a gate card with a *. When two Bakugan of opposing teams are on the same Gate, the owner of that gate card will then open it.***


***Your opponent would open the Gate, and the battle would begin!! I know it seems confusing now, but it will make the battle much easier to read, trust me. This isn't completely my idea, I just modified it a little. ^_^.***

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Re: Battle way Alll Must read.

Post  Masquerade on Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:02 pm

Ok, this is great. Everyone should follow these rules if they want to brawl.

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