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<Evolution> {[Official]}

Post  Masquerade on Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:39 pm

Since we have Guardian Bakugan, we will also have evolutions. If you have a Bakugan that doesn't have a specific evolution, such as Laserman, Mantris, or Wormquake, we will make an evolution for the Bakugan, and allow you to evolve. But, the way to evolve, is pretty difficult.

---Gaining Gs
After each Brawl your Guardian participates in, Example: {Guardian VS Dragonoid: Guardian wins, and gains 10gs}, and doesn't lose, it gains 10gs. If your Bakugan doesn't battle, which is less likely, it doesn't gain anything. If it battles and loses, it gains nothing. It doesn't seem much, but it will pay off later on in the story.

---Evoultional Tap
When your Guardian gains a total of 50 extra Gs, {If you don't know the math, it's if your Guardian wins 5 battle} it will began what we will call the 'Evolutional Tap,' which is where it will evolve. Once it has won the 5 battles, notify an Administrator, and we will evolve your Bakugan.

Your Guardian will have 3 stages of evolution: Basic, Mega, and Ultimate.
**Basic is when your Guardian hasn't evolved at all. An example would be Hydranoid. It gains 10gs after each battle it wins.
**Mega is when your Guardian has evolved once. An example would be Duel Hydranoid. It gains 20gs after each battle it wins.
**Ultimate is the last level of evolution. An example would be Alpha Hydranoid. It gains 30gs after each battle it wins.

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